Friday, April 29, 2011

Would Angus MacLean or Robert Stanfield vote for Harper?

by Teresa Doyle on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 1:57pm

I grew up in a fiercely loyal conservative household. These two men were held in the highest regard. They were Progressive Conservatives we could all be proud of. Angus MacLean realized how dangerous nuclear power could be. Harper fired the head of Atomic Energy Canada for doing her job. She insisted that safety guidelines be followed to prevent a Fukashima here in Canada.

Stanfield and MacLean supported conservative fiscal responsibility. Harper has wracked up the biggest deficit in history and takes credit for saving the economy. He frittered away our surplus before the economic meltdown even started. Stanfield and MacLean would be looking at the hard facts and I doubt they would commit us to 30 billion dollars for fighter jets when what we really need to fight is un-employment and the devastation of our farming and fishery sectors.

Harper has done nothing for farming and fishing but has given billions in subsidies to the oil sector. He eliminated regulations requiring a full environmental assessment on off shore drilling. His buddies at Corridor Resources are set to drill in the Gulf of St Lawrence with no regard to the consequences to our fishery or our beaches.

MacLean and Stanfield had un-wavering respect for parliament and the institutions of democracy. Harper doesn't. His last mean spirited act was to get his Tory appointed Senators to over turn a bill giving cheaper generic drugs to women and children dying of AIDS in Africa. Even 26 Tories supported this bill. What kind of family values is this? What kind of family values shuts down 43% of women's groups many helping the victims of sexual abuse and violence. The Progressive is indeed gone out of the Conservatives. We have some very decent people running for the Harper party here in Atlantic Canada. Don't be duped. A vote for them is not a vote for the PCs of MacLean and Stanfield.


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