Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IPTypewriters: Last manufacturing plant shuts down production


The final typewriter manufacturer shuts down in Mumbai

BY: Brett Register
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#RIPTypewriters: Last manufacturing plant shuts down production

An old manual typewriter is seen in Finca de Vigia, the villa where author Ernest Hemingway lived outside Havana, Cuba

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(CBS / What's Trending) Today in Mumbai the doors to the final typewriter manufacturing company Godrej and Boyce closed its doors. With over 140 years of production under its belt, the typewriter has stood as the definitive writing utensil for many generations. But, with the "electric" typewriter serving as the last major update, the speed of technology has finally overcome the primitive writing device. We must say goodbye.

The passing of such an iconic piece of our history has struck a vein with the social populous, as one can't help but ask the question, "What's next?"With Flip video closing due to the iPhone's market dominance and touch screen computing is putting serious fear in the hearts of people -- and inferior non-touchscreens, it's important that we keep our eyes trained to the future and try to remember only the good times had with these obsolete devices.

VIDEO: The typewriter is officially dead

And, while it's sad to think that in the next generation people will only know of typewriters from what they read in books, see in museums and dig out of their hoarding grandmother's basement, it's important to remember that this is not the first time the death of a beloved device has touched our lives:

But, while the world sheds a single ink stained tear for this revolutionary advancement in modern word processing,  I can't help but wonder, "Who will buy the last one?"

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